The Gesture Becomes the Language (Guillermo Rizzotto with Michie Kuwashima)

The Gesture Becomes the Language

(Guillermo Rizzotto with Michie Kuwashima)


Guillermo Rizzotto: electric guitar, electronic devices, concept, titles.
Michie Kuwashima: Tibetan bowls.

Mixed, mastered and produced by Guillermo Rizzotto
Photo cover from the roof of the stage by Guillermo Rizzotto.

CD 1

01 - Balancing the Energy

02 - Electric Messages

03 - Far into the Distance - Mountain Peaks

04 - Several Flashes

05 - Oneiric Gamelan 

06 - Arriving to the Hakuin - Calling the Universe

07 - Connection Heaven and Earth

08 - The Acceptation

CD 2

01 - The Gesture Becomes the Language (The whole album in a single track - 53 minutes- for meditation) 


This album is the unique multitrack live recording of the experimental duo called Sonando道.
The research in sound materia and micro-looping ambient textures from and electric guitar, was the perfect frame for Rizzotto to venture into this unique and pioneering collaboration with the sounds of the tibetan bowls played by Michie Kuwashima.

This Album has two ways of listening and enjoy.
One option is to listen the 53 mins divided into 8 tracks or sections, each one has a meaning and a particular descriptive title, allowing an easy access to the particular sections to enjoy short periods of time.

Another option, and the more effective for relaxation and meditation, is to listen the whole 53 mins 29 seconds session in a single track.
It is double CD.

An ambient frame, dream spaces, resemblances with traditional Asian music, introspection, an immense palette of sounds and combinations that magnetize the listener within a journey that begins very clearly as the titles say. 
Starts with Balancing the energy and ends in The acceptance. 
A path, a transition. A beginning and an end full of mystery, attention, calm, a trip to the depths.
We return changed.